Virgin In The City

Virgin In The City❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Virgin In The City Author Alexa Riley – Pepper has just moved to the big city and is excited to see how she can build her design business Everything is going great until she meets the man who moves in across the hall Suddenly her life is tu Pepper has just moved to the big city and is excited to see how she can build Virgin In PDF/EPUB ² her design business Everything is going great until she meets the man who moves in across the hall Suddenly her life is turned upside down by this hometown hero who is anything but perfect Bear has moved back home in order to train for his last fight He’s spent his entire career focusing on being the best but the day he sees her across the hall everything changes Suddenly the only thing that matters is having her by his side and in his bed And when that gets threatened all bets are off Warning This rough and tough fighter can only be brought to his knees by one womanand boy does she like him on his knees Cuddle up with this new romance that has than one virgin inside. ➳Can we talk about the beast in the room? Oh yes who is that? Alexa Riley is going to introduce you to him in three two one ➳Honestly nothing can ever go wrong with a good down to fuck smutt romance Alexa Riley will never disappoint when it comes down to that reality Especially when a sexy man cruncher beast is involved wanting to mate with his true soul mate Hello? GIVE ME SOME RIGHT NOW➳Also we have a virgin heroine who is ready to be melted in the arms of her lover Not a lot can say hey she isn't amazing but I can because everything about her made me feel so much compassion towards her and her loss of a family That's when Bear comes in and takes of her and her heart making my pant for of this sexy rough but also tamed beast of a fighter➳If you are a fan of Alexa Riley then you already know that you can finish one of their novels in like an hour They are slowly starting to make longer novels which to be honest I AM LOVING With her previous release of PRETTY GIRL the length of the novel was a tad bit longer than their previous releases as well as SHELTERED So I'm glad we are getting of them and girth y as well ➳ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review➳Follow Me OnBlog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter Another hitI absolutely adored this little juicy nugget It is exactly what I've come to love about a classic Alexa Riley story It was packed full of the OTT alpha antics an extremely likable heroine and it was completely safe I could read books like this every day no cheating no pushing away no violence of a sexual nature OTT caveman alpha instalove great epilogues that were 1 month 8 months and 10 YEARS out So this particular Alexa Riley book was a disappointment I can't believe I got through all of it and managed to survive Virgin in the City first appealed to me because both the hero and heroine were virgins and it's a trope I like reading about But they really went over the top this time Pepper annoyed me so much and I got so frustrated that I contemplated tossing my phone at the wall than once I get that AR heroines have to be innocent but a heroine with the mind of a 5 year old? Because that's literally the vibe I got when I was in Pepper's head She was so fucking naïve and stupid it was ridiculous I went everywhere with him and I haven’t complained one bit I love him and won’t go anywhere without him because he makes me feel safe I know I can be a little naïve at times but Bear will protect me No Just noObjectively this is one of my pet peeves so if it's something that appeals to you take this review with a pinch of salt But I was so annoyed throughout reading this book One star but Alexa Riley writes decent hot scenes so I'm adding another star for that pre reading i feel like a hoe today for some reason so i need my smut fixaaaaaaand both the hero and heroine are virgins my new favorite trope This has everything you’d expect in a book from these authors but there’s of it While I like Alexa’s books they are always far too short Bear is the huge muscled fighter who falls fast and hard for Pepper Pepper or Pep as she’s known is a cute sweet naive and I do mean naive good girl She needs a protective boyfriend than most womenThis was such a cute beautiful read The last Alexa book I read was Mobster and while I loved it I was annoyed that the H constantly referred to the h as doll face So I couldn’t believe it when“Think I’ll stick with ‘doll face’ It fits you”No no don’t and not 28 times her name is Pep and it’s cute so use it 35 Across the Hall Love Stars 12 Spoiler Free This is a cover to love It tweaks all of our instinctual memories of Sex in the City It has implied big city adventures With this set up we are ready for a story of this damsel in the city Pepper comes from a small town She has naive written all over her pretty face She lost her parents and has taken the pain and turned it into going forward and fulfilling her dream to live in the big city With the financial support her parents left her Pepper was able to do her YouTube videos of her crafting and refurbishing of items She loves to take things redo them and then sell them on Ebay and Esty All of her sweetness is poured into these items and sometimes it is hard for her to sell them There is all sorts of excitement in the building Pepper lives in There is a new owner of the building and rumor has it that it is a local fella who made good as a fighter He is moving in today and it seems like he is going to be her across the hall neighbor Pepper knows she shouldn't but pulls over her stool to look through her peephole in the door Through that little view she saw the most powerful man so big and strong She tried to get a better look and fell off the stool sueaking as she fell on her butt Not long after there was a knock at her doorThere was Theodore a UFC fighter standing before her asking for her parentsPepper explained she was on her own and not a kidHe introduced himself and said friends called him Teddy Pepper said like in Teddy Bear and he smiled calling her Doll Face These two feel the tingle and a sweet little seed is planted Bear is surprised how much this woman has got him thinking about her Bear has been in the fight game for years He recently moved to his old neighborhood to resettle He is ramping up for his last big fight and he has no time to be distracted in anywayBut he is This Pepper is so cute sweet and very different from any woman he has ever come across Pepper is uite taken with Bear too She hasn't had any experience with guys and she is sort of clueless about how all of these things work She is concerned about Bear being a Fighter Her dad was one and her mother met him when she was a ring girl Pepper's aunt has drilled into her fighters have no control so she should stay away but Pepper doesn't get that feeling about Bear As you can figure out These two become like magnets they cannot stay apart Both of them are not experienced so all of this new excitement works to ramp up where it cannot be contained This book did backstory and plot points then most AR books There were the sexy times for sure but there was also story involving fighters and secondary characters I happened to like the sweet and layered tale Was it like Sex in the City not exactly But the cover was so cute the story had very sweet characters and I enjoyed my time with them Before Reading What do you do when you slam your finger in a drawer And it hurts like hellgetting betterWhy take your mind off of it and read Alexa RileyBonus there is a New Release of an Innocent Ingenue in the Big CityWith the Perfect UFC Fighter as a Neighbor across the hallTwo who will discover Everything They NeedAnd it is Right across the Hall For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways Excited about a Bear hero May he be hairy AF Virgin in the City is the story of Pepper and BearA UFC champion bear of a hulk ish heroA artistic petite heroineInstant attractionTwo virginsCarbs sneakingMild drama and HEA 3 extended epiloguesIm not the biggest fan of virgin heroes but this story really reminded me of Brey and Becs from The Virgin Duet and that is one of AR's best Safe355 I’ll read anything AR writesThey are all fast great read 😻 Super sweet and steamy Finally Alexa Riley gave me some angst Great short read 4 Bear StarsI really enjoyed this one Bear and Pepper were so cute together I just loved them I don't know why but I was so disappointed with this book