Halfway Girl

Halfway Girl✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Halfway Girl By Tessa Bailey ✸ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The team’s resident linebacker Jerimiah has gotten used to making people uncomfortable He’s huge intimidating and doesn’t have a lot to say Until he meets Birdie Now he can’t seem to stop talk The team’s resident linebacker Jerimiah has gotten used to making people uncomfortable He’s huge intimidating and doesn’t have a lot to say Until he meets Birdie Now he can’t seem to stop talking if only so she’ll say And stay a little bit longer To be fair she doesn’t really have a choice since they just got locked in the basement together at a frat party. 1 Getaway Girl ★★★★2 Runaway Girl ★★★I inhale read Getaway Girl and Runaway Girl so I knew that I had to uickly also read this additional novella story Especially because we already have met the main character in the original duology ➽ Birdie Freshman in college trying to figure out her place in the world and how she is forced to live it without her sister ➽ Jerimiah Senior in college plays football and most people just know him as the big football player and nothing That is until he gets sort of locked in the basement at a frat party with Birdie I’ll be honest this is probably skippable but if you’ve read the original duology and just want a little with a lot of sex then maybe give this a try And even though I had fun reading it is very forgettable So do with that information what you want Lastly this is probably way TMI for a review especially over a 100 page novella but I always like sex scenes that are outside in the rain I don’t know why I’m like this I don’t know the name of this specific kink but I do know that I blame Bad Things entirely and I really liked that this book had a scene that involved those elements Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | TwitchBuddy read with Chelsea Jane Madalyn ❤I read this for SummerAThon ❤ This one was pretty cringe tbh | I’ve never had anyone look at me the way Jerimiah does Like I’m a new species of flower he’s desperate to pluck out of the ground and examine but he’s clearly holding himself back from following throughE book 4 starsAudio 3 starsI LOVED Birdie Jerimiah’s story Two college kids not looking for love AT ALL but finding it anyway in people they were not expecting Birdie is trying to live her best college life for her twin sister that passed away That means doing things she wouldn’t normally do Jerimiah is outwardly just this big hulking scary football player but Birdie sees something there The connection between them is instant and things get deep and steamy pretty uickly These two end up helping each other find their true selves and although HG is uick it’s super sweetI’ll start by saying that the FREE audio on RMR podcast had AMAZING narrators but audio just isn’t for me It was hot and a good story but hearing sex read in detail is cringe y to me Which is sad and I wish I could enjoy it because the male narrator had the hottest voice ON EARTHThat being said I’m so glad we get the opportunity to read these stories in book form as well because I could appreciate Birdie and Jerimiah’s story that much in the ebook and the bonus content at the end is EVERYTHING So my long winded point is that if the audio wasn’t for you definitely give the ebook a shot It made all the difference for me this story was that much better the second timehttpsinstagramcompBw2CCLsgo6h^fan edit on IGLIVE NOW ON KU Great short readVery insta love but a short read 73 pages almost has to be I liked this one because the guy Jeremiah is this big football player basically described as a giant because he is so tall and big though not fat He is described as having big hands and feet a huge chest and he can lift a full keg of beer with ease However he rarely talks and doesn’t fit in too well with the rest of his fraternity even though they are all on the football team When Jeremiah meets Birdie they have an instant connection and he is so sweet to her I love big silent types that really love a girl and aren’t afraid to show itBlog|Goodreads|Facebook||Twitter|BookBub You couldn't get a sweeter heroI went in knowing it was a short story but I couldn't help but want This series has been one of my favourites by Tessa Bailey and I'm so glad she gave us a glimpse of how Birdie was travelling Jeremiah is the kind of hero that every girl should want I couldn't help but think he had a remarkable resemblance to my hubby Mind you my hubby is not 6ft 1000 The resemblance is in their thoughtful and caring ways of looking after their perfect match Even from the beginning like Jeremiah my hubby was conscious of my needs and aware of my health highs and lows I loved that Birdie saw in Jeremiah what others refused to look for A good man beneath the scary facadeFor a short story it certainly packed a punch IT WAS SEXY I mean for a couple of college kids with very little experience they sure got to know their stuff uicklyI cannot recommend this series highly enough You could read Halfway Girl by itself but the other two books really would enhance the experience I will confess that I’ve slacked when reading this author's last several books due to her writing having changed and her books having what feels like too much “introspection” or “musings” They’ve started to feel a bit bogged down for my taste However this novella was absolutely what I first fell in love with the author over Characters that are not perfect but that are perfect for each other as well as having traits that I can get behind I listened to this on the Read Me Romance PodcastDual POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama; H is a virgin; h is not hide spoiler PERFECTIONReread with the added epilogue and I love it even These two melt my heart Audio read via Read Me RomanceOk so this is my second book by Tessa both courtsey of RMR I’ve known of Tessa but none of her book particularly appealed so I never picked o e up I find her writing goodsometimes I enjoyed Renaissance Man but thisthis was a big fat NO and almost a DNFI don’t know the time frame between the books in this series so it’s uite possible I’m being entirely to harsh but this heroine shouldn’t be with anyone She’s sooo hung up on the passing of her sister that she’s living her life “for” her sister Not honoring her sister by living a fulfilling life no she’s living her life by her dead sisters POV Meaning she’s doing things her sister did and acting like her sister did She flat out states that she shouldn’t be with the Hero because he’s not her sisters type WTF?? She has entirely to much baggage and needs some serious counseling Like girl needs HELP And no having sex with the Hero and him being nice to her is NOT a magical cure all The Hero was also a mess He was incredibly weak I get that not every hero can be confident and uber possessive but this guy was sooo far opposite of that it made me cringe His innocence while it was nice to have a hero who was NOT a manwhore or player was extremely off putting Being inside his head when they were making out or having sex was embarrassing He also needs counseling and some help with self esteem And like with the heroine sex is not a magical cure allUltimately these two individuals should NOT be in any form of a relationship It’s unhealthy on soooo many levels OMG everything about this book was PERFECTION Writing Storyline characters and specially narrators still fanning myself over the male POV Audiobook perfection♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the Read Me Romance Podcast for FREE 3 'My gentle giant' StarsI am sure all fans of Tessa Bailey's Girl series have been waiting for this since the ending of Runaway Girl where we met the heroine Birdie Bristow Jason's sister I am a little sad to say I did expect much for her I wish Tessa would have written a full lenght novel for Birdie because this love story felt way to rushed for me Yes Birdie and Jeremiah have a whole lot of chemistry but I would have loved to have a developed story on them Still this novella was a sexy and entertaining to read between books and I enjoyed it Whatever Tessa Bailey releases I read and normally enjoy lol