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Go, Gwen, Go❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ Go, Gwen, Go Author Nancy Smirl Jorgensen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Narrated in alternating voices by mother Nancy and sister Elizabeth Go Gwen Go A Midwest Family's Journey to Olympic Gold is an inspiring story about Olympian Gwen Jorgensen and her family This memoir Narrated in alternating voices by mother Nancy and sister Elizabeth Go Gwen Go A Midwest Family's Journey to Olympic Gold is an inspiring story about Olympian Gwen Jorgensen and her family This memoir introduces readers to a young Go, Gwen, ePUB ✓ woman of modest athletic achievements who uses desire and discipline to attain the ultimate in sport the Olympic gold Readers will enter the secret world of Olympic training professional coaching international travel sponsor funding anti doping reuirements athlete nutrition and sports physiotherapy This book will take them inside the personal life of a professional athlete complete with family crises and holiday celebrations In this inspiring story Gwen Jorgensen and her family grow together from average to Olympian. I loved this mother daughters memoir written by Liz daughter and Nancy mom about sisterdaughter Gwen's uest for Olympic gold in the women's triathlon The alternating POVs held my attention It's a beautiful story of family coming together in a loving supportive way cheering on the humble Gwen There's heartbreak romance pain failures glory I teared up a number of timesThis is an inspiring story and a window into a world few of us will ever experience One thing is for sure Liz Nancy and Gwen's uest and success will stay with me for a very long time Brava Unlike most biographies of athletes this journey to Olympic Gold is told from the point of view of the family Coauthored by the mother and sister of Gwen Jorgensen this memoir recounts Gwen's journey from average child athlete to becoming the first American triathlete man or woman to win an Olympic Gold medal We experience Gwen's fears failures and successes through the eyes of those who love her and on the way glimpse the sacrifices it takes to reach the top I would recommend this book to anyone who loves sports family or just a feel good story This book truly had it all; behind the scenes for the life of an Olympian and heartfelt family storytelling Each page excited me and I felt like the tension from the races permeated through the pages even though I personally had very little knowledge about the sport of triathlon This story is truly inspirational inspiring you to not shy away from the scariest of goals inspiring you to see the potential in others and inspiring you to be the best mother sister husband or whatever your role in a relationship might be I am excited to follow Gwen’s professional career after learning about her journey Those of us who park ourselves in front of the TV during Olympic coverage do this to not only watch athletes in action but to also hear the stories behind each athlete Go Gwen Go is a wonderful mother and sister’s perspective along Gwen Jorgensen’s Olympic Gold medal journey making it a uniue treat that the public rarely gets to read in such detail And I felt like I was along for the ride with their family I loved this book Elizabeth and Nancy's heartfelt humor and candid commentary made me laugh cry get chills and keep reading Although I read the news and followed Gwen's journey online it doesn't compare to the journey described in the novel I thought this was a wonderful book It follows the journey of Olympic triathlete Gwen Jorgensen on her way to winning a gold medal at the 2016 summer games I'd heard of her before reading this book but I didn't realize how much of a stunningly dominant athlete she is The race reports are wonderful because Jorgensen was especially strong on the final running leg which made all of her races feel like come from behind victoriesUnlike other athlete profiles this book is written by Gwen's mother and sister I really appreciated the family perspective that this narrative strategy offered This is a much intimate book than we would have received if it had been written by a sportswriter Elizabeth and Nancy manage to share all the love and pride they feel for Gwen without ever encroaching on the spotlight themselves Reading this book makes you wish you'd grown up in the Jorgensen household Both Elizabeth and Nancy are excellent writers and this book is polished and hard to put downIf you have a young athlete in your life this book would make an inspiring gift I had a mighty struggle getting through this book I found the alternating voices of the mother and sister of Olympian Gold Medalist Gwen Jorgensen distracting and often repetitive Why not edit these narratives together into a cohesive memoir I especially did not care for the sister's portions as they were full of purple prose and unnecessary personal detailsBut then again who was the intended audience for this book I as a non Olympian non athlete found myself struggling through the jargon the over abundant descriptions of watching Gwen's races their thoughts about how sad it was that Gwen couldn't enjoy the family time they had because she was so consumed with her sport and competingIs this story helpful to actual athletes either I'm not sure Gwen as a person and competitor still feels like a stranger to me the reader Sure her story can be seen as inspirational but honestly the belief Gwen is just a normal person who succeeded even though she was not exceptional feels disingenuous Gwen is a wealthy white woman who was exceptional for her hard work ethic and privileged for the opportunities she was given the chance to take Most people would not have the same chances I feel like this book is a project her family very much wanted to do regardless of Gwen's feelings on the subject There may be niche interest due to the upcoming 2020 Olympics but it isn't clear Jorgensen will even be competing I checked today and she's not competing in the triathlon has dropped out of the Olympic marathon and is instead focusing on the 10000k track eventBasically a family's vanity project with some casual insight in to being related to an Olympian athlete I'd much rather have read Gwen's own memoir Excellent Even though I knew Gwen would win the story telling was so exciting Highly recommend I am a huge fan of Olympic sports and was already familiar with Gwen Jorgensen’s journey before reading this book I also have purchased and read countless other Olympian’s books Typically Olympian booksmemoirs are written by a guest author and are very scripted politically correct and have the overall fluffy message of “follow your dreams” While those other books are nice stories there isn’t typically much substance I was excited for this book as it was actually written by Gwen’s mother and sister Nancy and Elizabeth are both very different in their personalities and writing styles so combined into one book it really kept things interesting I found myself unable to put the book down always wanting to hear the other’s perspective too Nancy is the practical cautious and loving mother Elizabeth is the outgoing “biggest fan” sister They narrate Gwen’s 6 year journey in triathlon with great detail and honesty This is also the type of book you could re read and notice new details each time Or you could watch or re watch one of Gwen’s races and read Nancy and Elizabeth’s perspectives along with it They did an excellent job in considering many different audiences when writing this book Each person from elite athlete to armchair athlete can take something away from this family’s journey This is a book will entertain you while also uplift and inspire you This memoir is uniuely told from the perspective of the mother and sister of the greatest triathlete of all time Gwen Jorgensen Go Gwen Go is a book about unwavering family support and each reader will get something different from the book triathlon fans will be able to re live races and learn about Gwen and her competitors and what it takes to be the world and Olympic champion; parents will pick up parenting tips; fans interested in Olympics or sports will learn about the life of a professional athlete I 100% recommend

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