Thick❮Download❯ ➸ Thick Author Alexa Riley – Teeny has just moved into a brand new place and curiosity has gotten the better of her When she meets her new neighbor she’s not prepared for how big or how hot he is The gentle giant has her fantas Teeny has just moved into a brand new place and curiosity has gotten the better of her When she meets her new neighbor she’s not prepared for how big or how hot he is The gentle giant has her fantasies running wild and she’s learning what it means to love thy neighborBull has always been the biggest in the room and it’s annoying He’s a former security guard who now does online consulting to stay away from the stares But when his young little neighbor wants to make friends he can’t help himself He’s tearing down all his walls and breaking the rules just to have a shot at what he never thought was possibleWarning Will Bull be too big to make Teeny his Will it somehow work anyway You betcha Find out what happens when this bull meets his china shopbecause it’s wild. What a load of horse dung ★✩✩✩✩ This book is not for anybody It fucking sucks ↠This novella is one big red flag This little story could have been so cute It could have but then we got to the my dick is too big for condoms part HELL NO This shit needs to leave people's heads I once put my EUR 41 foot into a condom that still rose to cover a part of my shin I am almost 6 feet so that has to say something Men like this need to go extinct just like women's belief in this cock and bull story fitting idiom isn't it? This wasn’t my favourite one out of Alexa Riley’s short smutty stories Even having said that though I still gobbled it up in a hurry This one is about a gentle giant and a woman named Teeny You can put your imagination to use and figure out the basic plot in the storyReview to come This wasn't the worst Alexa Riley book I've ever read but it was definitely not even close to the best This was honestly a little boring in comparison to the rest of the weird things I've read by them? Idk man I've said this before but I think I mean it now I am probably done with Alexa Riley Mehhhhhhh When Alexa Riley keeps to their formula of safe stories with no owom drama they are unstoppable This was a classic AR with plenty of steam and very low angst no owom drama no cheating instalove no violence of a sexual nature safe neither are with others after meeting virgin hero but no mention of the hero being virgin or not Definitely not a manwhore good epilogues Teeny is tiny and her new neighbor Bull is huge How huge?? Well I can’t say as though because it was never really clarified Is he 6’6 350 or 6’4 275? How the hell should I know Is he as big as Andre the Giant or Tom Hopper? 🤷🏻‍♀️ This story is 78 pages and moves along at break neck speed One day Teeny 18 year old virgin is moving into her very first apartment meets Bull has sex with him a few times can I just saw a resounding EWWW to the whole ‘he stuck his fingers into her and pushed his cum back up into her’??? and then gets engaged? Over how long a period of time is this story supposed to span? A week? If that?? I got this book because from the description it sounded like it would be a cute fun and uick read but as I forced myself to finish it I was audibly WTF’ng the whole way through Not sure where all these rave 4 and 5 star reviews came from but this gets a 05 star from me Ugh that was a painful read Sorry to be blunt but come on SweetAR’s stories are usually over the top but this one was so endearing and sweet I’ve just about read all of the authors books and this has got to be one of cutest I’ve read thus far Lol This has to be one of my fave AR stories ever Bull and Teeny are the sweetest couple They were so opposite but perfect for each other He is big she is small he is an introvert she is an extrovert I especially loved how jealous and possessive Bull was Epilogue with 3 kids and one on the way was adorable We saw Teeny winning an award and Bull being crazy with jealousy because her boss dared to look at her Totally adored these two 25 Stars mostly because this book is what it is and my problems with it are related to anatomy and logicLadies I know I covered this in one of the updates But you can stretch a condom all the way up your forearm to your elbow so if a guy EVER claims that he is too big to wear one you run You run far Because either he is a liar or he is a fucking Fae centaur out to repopulate the earth No man is too big for a condomAlso If a man is supposedly filthy rich he needs to go to a good tailor and get bespoke clothes There is no excuse if you have the money to not have clothes that fit This guy Bull just likes being naked and he needs to embrace itLike I said this book is what it is It's an insta love fluffy piece that is clearly not meant for deep close inspection I have some problems with the fact that the girl is 18 years old and they get engaged in a week but you see it in Disney movies and other romances so I can't be too harsh on thatThe sex scenes are weird because of the size difference and the fact that this guy's euipment is roughly the size of a Louisville Slugger but it was cute in a really odd way and I liked the story overallNot badBut anatomically impossible 45 StarsA cute and sexy storyIt's about Bull and TeenyShe just moved to her new place across from him She designs stuffed animals for a living and he did security for a long time and now does a private online consulting She's so small and she's so big They might not look like they fit together but they're made for each otherHe's like a giant teddy bear who's strong and possessive but he has insecurities too He thought he'd never find love but he did and he didn't have to hide any She's clumsy and no one takes her seriously for being so small but she's fearless and not ashamed of herselfIt has nice epilogues view spoilerMarried with children and another one on the way hide spoiler Tiny and Bull you're both keepers for sure In Thick we have stuffed animal creator Tiny moving into a new apartment She is immediately curious as to the person that lives directly across from her Bull is an online consultant that tends to hide in his apartment because of his size While we are not told exactly how large Bull is he does compare himself to The Hulk There's a lot of spying on Tiny at first but eventually contact is made between the two and insta love proceeds I do find myself at a 3 rating because something happens in the story that gives it so much drama and then it fizzles a bit in resolution So look I realize that these Alexa Riley books aren't exactly high brow literature but do we have to shame our fellow readers? I just read a review over on that uestions if women have low standards? Sometimes between reading all my ARCS and classics THIS WOMAN need to have a bit of escapism Hence why Alexa Riley books are in hot demand on Kindle we WANT THE fantasy