ReverieInception Meets The Magicians In The Most Imaginative YA Debut Of The Year All Kane Montgomery Knows For Certain Is That The Police Found Him Half Dead In The River He Can T Remember How He Got There, What Happened After, And Why His Life Seems So Different Now And It S Not Just Kane Who S Different, The World Feels Off, Reality Itself Seems Different As Kane Pieces Together Clues, Three Almost Strangers Claim To Be His Friends And The Only People Who Can Truly Tell Him What S Going On But As He And The Others Are Dragged Into Unimaginable Worlds That Materialize Out Of Nowhere The Gym Warps Into A Subterranean Temple, A Historical Home Nearby Blooms Into A Victorian Romance Rife With Scandal And Sorcery Kane Realizes That Nothing In His Life Is An Accident And When A Sinister Force Threatens To Alter Reality For Good, They Will Have To Do Everything They Can To Stop It Before It Unravels Everything They Know This Wildly Imaginative Debut Explores What Happens When The Secret Worlds That People Hide Within Themselves Come To Light Just because something is imagined doesn t mean it isn t dangerous tbh all you need to know is that the main character is so gay his superpowers manifest as rainbows.I did not see that coming The charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of it all Reverie is a force of nature and you have no idea what epic kind of fantasy you re wading into Moreover, it s unapologetically queer and magical as fuck But the most important thing this is fantasy at its finest Imaginative, original, real.Let s talk about the characters Kane, a gay high school student, has issues Mostly it s because he woke up in a river next to a burned down house and he has no recollections of how he got there And that s not the only thing he forgot All of his teenager years have been erased from his mind Additionally, he s being haunted by a creepy, murderous creature and he s gotsuperpowers It s a lot to handle Kane is not the most likeable character at times He often treats the people around him like crap, and sometimes you want to punch him for doing the exact thing he was not supposed to do but even so, he never fails to be relatable But the side characters, they re the real deal It s amazing to see an author find a way to write a great number of characters that all have depth and are unique in their own way Ursula definitely was one of my favourites She was vulnerable and strong at the same time and she has the biggest heart of them all Adeline had this fantastic no bullshit attitude Dean was hot, but he also was this cute little puppy that needs to be protected at all costs But the best thing about this cast is that I just found my favourite villain There are two kinds of favourite villains one that is pure evil and makes your gut boil with rage also known as Dolores Umbridge , and one that is flawless and fierce It took me than a decade to find a worthy candidate for the latter but Ryan La Sala finally granted me that gift.Next, the world building I mean, that s what fantasy depends on If you cannot convince your readers that the world you ve created is real, why even bother Reverie does everything right Better than right Ryan created several fantasy worlds in one big fictional universe And it worked Even when it was chaos, it was solid, convincing, believable chaos Moreover, it was entertaining and funny Ryan draws from so many clich s that we see in other fantasy novels but he gives them his own twist and the result is magical It s astonishing how creative these worlds are I wish I could pull that off.The writing was outstanding Compelling and emotional, but also extremely funny One of my favourite scenes has Ursula in a wedding gown and I almost fell off the couch from laughing so hard.This book is the gay fantasy novel I ve always wished for It s not like I ve never read a gay fantasy book before, but most of them were either extremely disappointing or mediocre They always lacked something Reverie has it all Queer representation, thrill, fun, fantasy, friendship I did want to see of the romance, though That might be the only criticism I have I wanted time to see the romantic relationship unfoldand making out Apart from it being super queer, this novel is a gift to fantasy writing I would be sad to see this book only be celebrated in the queer community when it has this powerful and spellbinding story to tell that any lover of stories about superpowers and enchanted artefacts and evil sorceresses would enjoy.When I tell you that this missing out on this book is depriving yourself of the ultimate fantasy experience, you better listen So preoder the hell out of this novel Ask your library to buy it Read it Recommend it.Find of my books on Instagram I wanted to love this one SO badly because Ryan is an absolute gem on twitter, but this just did not work for me I had such a hard time wrapping my brain around the reveries and an even harder time connecting to the characters Everything just felt disjointed and messy and I am SAD Brb while I cry myself to sleep bc I didn t love this book like I thought I wouldBuddy read with Julie 3 Inception meets The Magicians, except with better wigs and a maniacal drag queen sorceress attempting to unravel the reality of Connecticut yes, the state and replace it with something well something better than Connecticut Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. dragqueensorceress I AM SO READY FOR THIS Quality, gay drivel A queer nonsense DAMN GURL DAMN This book is even gayer than I thought it would be Like imagine Elton John dragging up as Cher in a rainbow sequin leotrad, singing a rendition of Judy Garlands greatest hits, at the Fire Island pride parade That kind of gay.Full review to comeBut lemme just say, y all have to read this book It s the queer YA fantasy novel we re all been waiting for. did somebody say better wigs and queen sorceress and lgbtq and do judge a book by its cover 3 confused starsI feel like I simultaneously understood this novel and completely lost the plot Writing Plot 1 2Pacing I wanted so, so badly to love this queer driven novel that marketed itself as a Inception meets The Magicians Some of the reviews of Reverie are works of art in their own right, they read like this book is a thrill ride, a rollercoaster of imagination, and a complex story filled with heart I both understand where they are coming from and wish that I had read THAT novel, the one they re describing I feel like we re reading different things Reverie follows the story of Kane Montgomery, a gay high school student who was involved in a mysterious flaming car crash that somehow led to his long term amnesia Our entrance to Kane s world is, in essence, Kane s entrance into his own world as he s not sure what s going, on while we re not sure what s going on Can you feel the Inception vibes Oh, and things are getting pretty trippy around him, including shadows coming for him in the real world and shady police action One of Reverie s selling points is its intense visual imagery and descriptions I could feel every emotion, and vividly see each setting Sentences were clearly constructed with care, and oftentimes distracted me from the plot of the novel as I read a sentence that was so unique Kane thought of the frustration that boiled through him fine and corrosive, like soda bubbles that I paused in my read to get a grip on its imagery It was beautiful, but distracting And indicative of a larger problem for my reading experience I found too many things distracting, which really hampered my ability to get into the plot because the distractions obscured the plot, and then when I did get into it the plot itself was extremely confusing What, exactly, are the boundaries of a reverie and how do they work, logistically I m still not sure They were visual masterpieces, an artistic playground for verbal description, but overall I was asking myself the why and the what way than necessary.Overall, I think Reverie is a singular novel, and an important touchstone in the realm of YA queer fantasy I wish it had been grounded and filled with scene transitions that explained some of its ethereal concepts, but as some readers loved that quality, it might be a me problem I can guarantee this you ll never read a book quite like it Reverie comes out on December 3, 2019 Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley for an eARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. This may have been the most campy and ridiculous story I ve ever read in the best way possible , but I loved Ryan La Sala s debut fantasy novel, Reverie It was such an original story that gave me Inception and X Men vibes and I was immediately put in a trance by the story Reverie will be released December 3, 2019 thank you Sourcebooks Fire for my review copy in exchange for an honest review This young adult novel focuses on high school teenager Kane Montgomery and how he maneuvers through his high school after a car accident has left him with amnesia Kane can remember who he is, but is having trouble remembering how to navigate through school, who his friends are, and what his hobbies include It s hard enough being gay in his small town bullied by the jocks during class and feeling like an outcast let alone having complete amnesia Kane starts noticing peculiarities in his day to day that are just not adding up I will not explain what these peculiarities are, because that s the fun part Kane starts realizing that he s part of a group called The Others and this group battles together to protect innocent people from these fantasies that turn into alternate realities, called reveries Think like Inception, but people aren t sleeping. In these reveries, The Others unravel the situation in order to protect everyone involved just because they are fantasies come to life, you could still be in danger While Kane starts uncovering the mystery of his suspicious accident, he also tries to figure out who s a friend, and who s a foe Without going into further detail, I just want to say I m OBSESSED with Reverie and I want to know about how Ryan La Sala came up with this imaginative story I was glued to the pages, flipping effortlessly while I ignored work responsibilities and life I am NOT a fantasy reader by any means, so this four star review is quite actually surprising for me I loved every character, even the drag queen sorceress WHICH I WILL NOT GIVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FIND OUT YASELF I really was engulfed by this story, and allowed for my inner fantasy nerd to take over I will be talking about Reverie for awhile. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest I wanted to love Reverie by Ryan La Sala so much Reverie has a wonderful cover that draws you in immediately The plot mentions a boy and a fantasy world that revolves around dreams Everything I hoped this book would be it wasn t.Kane is a gay teenager who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life back together after an attack leaves him with no memories of the past He is in the search of who he is and who he was, and he discovers an alternate reality that he was involved in.Reveries are worlds born from a person s private fantasies, and once they manifest they can only be unraveled by bringing their conflicts to a resolution Reveries have rules and plots, magic and monsters anything you could wish for And one wrong step can twist the entire thing into a lethal nightmare maze.Sounds complicated already What if I told you that this is only from the blurb and the book doesn t really explain these things at all Kane is an unraveler, together with The Others Or at least he was, until one of The Others purged Kane of his memories And here we are now, with Kane trying to solve the mystery and fight against evil.I jumped into this book very eagerly, and was disappointing immediately, within the first couple of pages The reveries and their whole concept were quite confusing, to the point of me not knowing whether the characters are now in a reverie, or in their real world.Reverie had an amazing concept and it could ve been done way better than this I am just disappointed It all seemed a bit messy and felt like it wasn t thought through I didn t connect with any of the characters, except for Kane, for the below reasons And that was it I didn t care about any of the others, and there were quite a few characters One thing that annoyed me about Reverie, was the exaggeration of the OwnVoices. I am not against it, on the contrary I love equality and I love diversity, and I share love everywhere and to everyone, and if you know me in real life, you will know this about me We are all equal and different at the same time, and that is the unique thing that connects us all.However, this book keeps mentioning that Kane is gay And Kane is a lovely character He is smart and he is brave His memories were lost and is desperately trying to find out who he is, who he was, who are his true friends, who is good and who is evil He doesn t take for granted on what people tell him He is AMAZING Kane was so much than just gay But the author kept trying so hard to put an OwnVoices hashtag on this book, that is was quite aggressive and off putting I love books that feature OwnVoices, but Ryan, please a little bit of modesty would ve been nice.I keep feeling this pressure of trying to write a book review that will not offend anyone, and I don t mean to offend anyone, but I need to say that sometimes, there can be such a thing as too much OwnVoicing in a book And we shouldn t be afraid to point it out I am really sad about this one, guys Honestly, I expected it to love it so bad, and now I feel down I wouldn t recommend it, but if you think you will love it, please pick it up You are valid Thank you to the team at Netgalley and the publisher, Sourcebooks Fire, for sending me an ARC e copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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