The Revelation of God (Contours of Christian Theology)

The Revelation of God (Contours of Christian Theology)PDF The Revelation Of God Contours Of Christian Theology Peter Jensen In Modern Times The Christian Faith S Claim To Possess A Unique Revelation Of God Has Faced Numerous Challenges A Central Issue Has Been The Role Of The Bible While Some Have Continued To Defend The View That The Bible, Inspired By God, Is God S Self Revelation In A Direct Way, Others Have Argued That God S Revelation Is To Be Found Primarily In Divine Action Or In The Person Of Jesus Christ, Rather Than In The Scriptures As Such Peter Jensen Argues That It Is Better To Follow The Biblical Categories Of The Knowledge Of God And The Gospel Than To Start From Revelation As An Abstract Concept First, Jensen Focuses On Revelation, Whether Special Or General, From The Viewpoint Of The Knowledge Of God Through The Gospel Next, He Examines The Nature And Authority Of Scripture And Our Approach To Reading It Finally, He Turns To The Revelatory Work Of The Holy Spirit Through Illumination The Result Is A Creative And Compelling Exposition Of The Evangelical Understanding Of Revelation For The Contemporary Scene. Excellent gospel centred approach to the way God reveals himself to us as Lord and Saviour Jensen engages with some heavyweights making some sections hard going Jensen masterfully provides a biblical theology of the doctrine of gospel and Its relation to revelation ch 1 the kingdom ch 3 human and religious experience
This book on the revelation of God is part of the Contours of Christian Theology series Having used and been impressed with some others in this series, I looked forward to checking this one out As with others in the series, it was a good mixture of going deeply into the subject while being written in an accessible manner Even the systematic theologies I read do not go into the foundational subject of the revelation of God in their presentation of the doctrine of the Scriptures with near the thoroughness that this volume does Though I can t agree with all his conclusions, he gives you much to think about.The author, Peter Jensen, believes the gospel is central to the idea of revelation from God His first chapter makes a beautiful case for that fact In chapter 2 he clarifies the nature of the gospel In chapter 3 he explains the role the gospel plays in our grasping the knowledge of God In the next chapter, where he explains the gospel as a pattern of revelation, he concludes that the gospel is the measure of all revelation He makes a great case for his premise.In chapters 5 and 6, he transitions to revelation and experience In other words, he defines the essential revelation that we must grasp in the gospel In chapter 7, he finally reaches the subject you would expect when analyzing this doctrine the authority of Scripture It is in this chapter that he explains the concept of inspiration He takes a strong, conservative position and shares much great food for thought The final
The central thesis of this book, if I have understood it correctly, is that a Christian understanding of the revelation of God should be presented in terms of the biblical notion of the knowledge of God, and therefore in turn in terms of the gospel, which is the means by which that knowledge of God comes about However, I don t think this makes sense, largely because of equivocation on terms like revelation and knowledge , so I think the book lacks coherence precisely in what is supposed to be its core argument.Individual chapters can still be read as insightful essays on topics around the title theme, and I found that certain passages profoundly affected how I thought about the Christian s relationship to God I did not particularly enjoy it, though, because I found it frequently unclear a free

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