HeroesHeroes Kindle Epub Author Robert Cormier Capitalsoftworks.co.uk What If I Told Him I Am Not The Hero He Thinks I AmMaimed And Disfigured Whilst Fighting In The World War Two, Young Francis Cassavant Is Returning To His Hometown As A Hero But One Who Must Hide Both His Face And His Identity.For His Past Holds A Bitter Secret, One Which He Has Vowed To Revenge And Which He Can Resolve Only Through His Final, Desperate Plan To Destroy The Man Who Betrayed Him As A Boy.Left Without A Face Or A Future, But Sustained By His Deep Sense Of Shame, Francis Watches He Thinks Of The Gun In His Duffel Bag And Waits, Alone, For The Return Of Another Supposed Hero. Like many others on this website, I had to read this novel in my English Literature Class At the time, I thought it was great The synopsis made the novel sound promising, intriguing and full of potential Mostly, I was just glad it wasn t written by Shakespeare.I went into this book with expectations Francis would kill Larry LaSalle that was a given Francis continuously told himself that as soon as Larry LaSalle moved back into Frenchtown, he would shoot him And then Francis didn t He couldn t bring himself to Francis only wanted to kill the part of LaSalle that had ruined his and Nicole s childhood However, as soon as you met Francis, you knew he simply wouldn t be able to carry out his plan Emotionally, Francis was quite feeble and Francis loved Larry LaSalle There was no mistaking that Larry LaSalle was Francis hero.Before, I felt that Francis not killing Larry was a slight let down but now I realise that not every book needs a plot twist to be great I don t think Robert Cormier wanted this novel to be exciting and in
This book as usual was a part of my English GCSE and I felt that it did not get the credit it deserved from the majority of my class A story of a war hero who s and his former girlfriend s childhood was seemingly destroyed by a man who he had thought to be his own hero He returns to take revenge on an act from years ago.The majority of my class had expected it to be some, kind of action packed novel that was equal parts thrilling and equal parts intense However, they did not feel that way about the book after reading it and so naturally they felt let down when reading this book with the expectation it would be bloody and gruesome I think that was where many of them went wrong This book, I feel wasn t written for the sole purpose that of entertaining the reader but to also make the reader think That is exactly what it did but not many understood that just because a book does not have much action, it doesn t mean it isn t a good book.I feel that the best books are the kind that make you really think and that is exactly what this book did Between condemning Larry LaSalles actions, Francis reaction and the blurred line between good and bad it was the kind of novel that made you really think about whether o
It s amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks Francis Joseph Cassavant is 18 years old, and has just returned to his hometown of Monument in Massachusetts from the French trenches of World War 2 He has no face he lost most of it in the war, and covers the bandaged remains with a scarf Francis returned to Monument to find Larry LaSalle, a man loved by the community and one whom Francis deeply respected and admired, now also a war veteran and like Francis, a Silver Star hero However, Francis did not return to Monument to pay his respects in his duffel bag he carries a loaded gun, and intends to murder his idol when he sees him.Through a series of flashbacks, Francis slowly reveals his story how hew grow up in Monument as a shy, uncertain boy, until he met LaSalle a dedicated director of the town s recreation center LaSalle is using his own abilities to help others develop their own, and teaches young Francis to play table tennis Francis proves to be quite adept at the sport and eventually becomes the town s champion, and for the first time is popular and confident he s sure enough of himself to ask out the new girl, Nicole Renard, who has just moved to town.So how could things go so tragically wrong This is the central mystery and dr
I hate itI hate this bookThis book is ruining my lifeI don t want to write essays on these boring characters Just give me an F for English Rn and don t make me sit this exam super stressed crying This is another one of those books which my son brought home from school, apparently it is part of his GCSE English curriculum I wasn t really looking forward to it and I was thinking it was just going to be a war thiller.Francis has come home from WW2 after suffering a horrendous disfigurement He has his face covered in bandages and a scarf and goes back to the town where he grew up Where other war veterans are thinking of ways to get their lives back together, Francis has other things on his mind In his duffel bag is a gun and he has to use it on somebody.This, my seventh read of the year, is a remarkable book, short and light but it packs an emotional punch.The story captures you from the start and we are left second guessing what is going to happen all the way through.It is brilliantly written and easily read.There are some books that just grab you emoti
I really enjoyed this book by Cormier The dark theme that runs through the book is quite haunting.The book starts with the protagonist, Francis Cassavant describing his injuries and how his face is disfigured from injuries after returning home from the war He returns a hero, although he hides his identity as he has mission to enact a plan to the kill the man who only he knows of his evil.The story moves back to before the war when Larry Lasalle arrives in Frenchtown and is loved by everyone He has a style about him that everyone admires There is however something that Larry tries to hide from them all, but in his weakness fails to control himself, and here the dark theme and his morality is eventually revealed Larry then leaves the town to fight for his country and becomes a war hero as well as Francis.Eventually Francis confronts Larry and his true nature is revealed This is an extremely moving
Only had one interesting chapter in the entire book and the ending was a huge anti climax Would not recommend this book because it is no where near as exciting as the blurb may suggest Mostly goes on about ho
It s amazing that the heart makes no noise when it cracks Heroes is a teen novel and is a story of Francis Joseph Cassavant, who at the age of eighteen has been horribly disfigured when he lost most of his face jumping on a grenade in France during WWII to save some of his fellow comrades After a long rehabilitation in England he returns home to Frenchtown in Monument a hero, a recipient of a Silver Star for bravery, but also a man with a mission, to kill his own childhood hero, Larry LaSalle.Francis gradually slowly his past and his motivation for murder leaving the reader wondering if Francis is punishing Larry for his misdeeds or himself for his own inaction As the title suggests the book questions about what constitutes true heroism Both Francis and Larry have received the Silver Star medal for bravery in combat yet both also have an element of selfishness in their motivation Larry joins the Marines, not in some noble effort to protect his nation and stop the atrocities that were happening in Europe but instead a lust for revenge after the attack on Pearl Harbour or as he puts it himself, not to let the Japs get away with this Similarly Larry gains his medal for capturing an enemy machine gun nest in order to save the lives of his platoon Although no doubt a brave act but in doing so he also saves his own life and as such could be equally regarded as a simple act of self preservation Whereas his rape of
A serious well written YA novel exploring the nature of heroism, set in post WW2 USA but managing to retain a timeless quality Francis Cassavant returns to Frenchtown a reluctant war veteran and suffering from serious facial wounds Unlike other veterans who are stuck in a limbo neither acknowledging their experiences nor moving on, Francis has a purpose which he hides from the community, along with his identity The truth will reveal why he volunteered to fight.The split narrative follows Francis pre and post war identity There is a touch of Gatsby in the attractive, mysterious figure of LaSalle who shines in the depression hit community and a clever intertwining of trust and betrayal thro
This is the worst book ever written I had to read it with my Year 9s and this is the single least engaging book of all time I felt bored while I was reading it with them How many goddamn ping pong descriptions can one man write GOD.

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