Black Candle

Black CandleKINDLE Black Candle Christine Randell Black Candle I Could Feel That Evil Things Had Happened In This House And That Evil People Had Lived Here Overlaying The Chill, The Damp, The Smell Of Death And Decay, Was An Overwhelming Sense Of Awareness That Evil Forces Were At Work, And Had Been Throughout The Centuries.This Is Lorna S First Reaction To Maulicrane Farm Where She Has Come To Visit Her Dying Father A Father She Had Never Met As The Days Pass, Events Prove To Lorna That There Is Still A Very Real Danger At Maulicrane At First She Believes It Is Her Father Who Is Threatened Kept In A Drugged State So That He Cannot Recover From His Mysterious Illness Suddenly She Learns That She Herself Is The Target The Intended Victim In A Terrifying, Deadly Plot. 1, 2 Lorna is a young enghliswoman who was raised by her single mother.After her mother accidentally reveals that her father is not dead probably but that her mother left him since she hated his home in Ireland and loathed his best friend Cormac she left for England and gave birth to Lorna.Lorna is curious about her father but out of respect for her mothers wishes doesnt contact her father.But after her mother dies in an accident nothing is left to stop her from taking the step and she goes to Irland At arrival on Macarnlie farm she is shocked when a funeral Procession is underwear It was actually her father old friend Cormac who had died after the two of them had an argument.Before he died however he placed a curse on the farm.Things are very somber but when Lorna meets her father she instantly takes a liking to the old man and he with her.Then why is he begging her to leave Macarnlie Is it because he fears the curse or is it the forbidding old housekee per who has a hold on him The character of Fergus is a walking case of sexual harassment He is scum and I could barely keep track of his sexist comments He isnt the love interest but he was in the book too much for my liking.There are some formulaic things
After searching across a few used bookstores for vintage Gothics, I finally stopped into the shop that specialized in real collectors material the kind of place that you d expect to have a copy of the necronomicon buried away in the back The unhelpful teller suggested the small section of lurid pulps and to my great surprise was Black Candle I snatched it up with glee It did not disappoint Thick with atmosphere, black candle is everything I expected in a pulpy gothic romance There is something special when a old farmhouse is described to have the sent of evil Lorna is a sympathetic protagonist who just wants to do right by her estranged father I rolled my eyes a few times when she broke down into hysterics like when she gets locked in a barn and almost goes apoplectic but sweet non the less And the romance is nice, although
This was another moody, dark, brooding vintage gothic overshadowed by mystery and an aura of danger impending death.Just when you feel you have it all figured out, the author sends yous spinning into a masterfully detailed surprise ending.Read this one in one day and highly recommend to vint

[Ebook] Black Candle By Christine Randell –
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Black Candle
  • Christine Randell
  • English
  • 11 March 2018
  • 9780446647588