The Marriage Game

The Marriage GameA High Stakes Wager Pits An Aspiring Entrepreneur Against A Ruthless CEO In This Sexy Romantic ComedyAfter Her Life Falls Apart, Recruitment Consultant Layla Patel Returns Home To Her Family In San Francisco But In The Eyes Of Her Father, Who Runs A Michelin Starred Restaurant, She Can Do No Wrong He Would Do Anything To See Her Smile Again With The Best Intentions In Mind, He Offers Her The Office Upstairs To Start Her New Business And Creates A Profile On An Online Dating Site To Find Her A Man She Doesn T Know He S Arranged A Series Of Blind Dates Until The First One Comes Knocking On Her Door As CEO Of A Corporate Downsizing Company Sam Mehta Is Used To Conflict Than Calm In Search Of A Quiet New Office, He Finds The Perfect Space Above A Cozy Indian Restaurant That Smells Like Home But When Communication Goes Awry, He S Forced To Share His Space With The Owner S Beautiful Yet Infuriating Daughter Layla, Her Crazy Family, And A Parade Of Hopeful Suitors, All Of Whom Threaten To Disrupt His Carefully Ordered LifeAs They Face Off In Close Quarters, The Sarcasm And Sparks Fly But When The Battle For The Office Becomes A Battle Of The Heart, Sam And Layla Have To Decide If This Is Love Or Just A Game At these depressing, high tension, ill fated, virus mania days, this kind of LAUGH OUT LOUD novels are the best medicine for our souls OMG OMG My cheeks hurt My tummy aches My eyes filled in tears I haven t laughed so hard since my husband request me to cook a simple dish for him I had great time Witty dialogues CHECKAmazing, hot, sizzling, earth shattering chemistry CHECKCreative, unique, awkward, humorous situations that the characters find themselves into CHECKBest of best supporting characters Those aunties, their children and DAISY she already earned her own book and I think we should see that hot firefighter and big hose for the next book CHECKAngst, drama, discovering your true self and awakening parts with lots of family dramas CHECK Lots of references to Hollywood and Bollywood s famous products As a movie geek I watched all of them so I enjoyed the references so much than a regular reader Yes, even I watched Salman Khan s Dabang I cannot believe in myself either CHECKI have to warn you there are so many under belly and naughty jokes, especially Daisy has a real dirty mouth And our heroine Layla has Fifty Shades of Brown slash Fatal Attraction fantasies take place in the elevator So you gotta prepare yourself before starting this book Here s our plot Layla returns back to San Francisco to her family s house, jobless, evicted, humiliated by social media with her viral video on youtube, being cheated by her scumbag boyfriend And as soon as she tells her family about her job and house situation and her plans about opening a new business for her recruiting job and asks for using the office located upstairs of their family restaurant, his father gets excited way toooo much Yes, he just collapses on the floor because he s having heart attack and last thing he told his daughter, he made a lease agreement for the place but he would call and cancel it Yeap, father is in hospital, he didn t make the call he mentioned and charming, sexy, over confident, narcissistic and partly douchebag Sam Mehta appears at the office as Layla starts to throw her entire office equipment to his face and scream Yes, our MCs meet and they start to feel the undeniable sexual chemistry as soon as they lay eyes on each other Wow Yes the room, the room, the room is on fire Normally it should be roof but you got what I meant You just patiently wait them tear each other s clothes and wait for the genre s changing into erotic romance There are so many hotness and naughtiness in this story but it is sooo much fun Sam says he has his contract and she gotta leave the place Layla says he should show some respect Her father is in coma at the hospital, she has nowhere else to go and family comes first Well, Sam s family, especially his sister comes first, too He still blames himself what has happened to her at the hospital he also quits his residency and dreams of being doctor and starts working at downsizing business management, yes instead of saving lives now he is ending people s career dreams but he has a reason her sister got married with drunk and abuser scumbag a famous doctor in the hospital he works The worst thing is he was the one who introduced them and that human waste doctor might have hurt her sister and been the reason that she will never walk again And when they continue to their shouting contest, a guy comes to their office asking for Layla and he tells her he is the one she is going to marry WHAT Yes, I didn t mention the book starts with the letter, written by Layla s father, added to the dating site, indicating that Layla looks for husband and the candidates will be evaluated by him As Layla enters his father s email account she finds out he evaluated the guys and chose 10 special candidates and 10 blind dates for her daughter Layla wants to cancel the meetings but then she realizes those blind dates can be her father s last wish And she makes an offer to Sam to join her dates with her If she finds the ideal groom, she will leave the office for him But if she cannot find, Sam will look another place They shake hands and MARRIAGE GAMES begin But both of them know neither Layla nor Sam wants to find the perfect candidate because they re head over heels in love with each other By the way my favorite candidate was CIA agent When I m reading his parts, I laughed too hard and fell down the couch It was HILARIOUS I enjoyed this whirlwind and entertaining book so much but last parts and too much angst and Sam s obnoxious attitudes made me so much pissed I even thought to lower my points but OVERALL this is unique, hot, funny, vivid reading and I cannot deny how much fun I had so I m giving 4.5 and rounding them up 5 stars But I still want to punch hero and I m big fan of brave, sassy, smart, ball of fire, impulsive, witty, sexy Layla Atta girl Those stars come for you Special thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sharing this amazingly funny ARC in exchange my honest review I personally congratulate Sara Desai for her fantastic debut and I cannot wait to read her future works P.S Please right about Daisy and her adorable dog bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 3.5 stars The Marriage Game is Sara Desai s debut novel, and what a delight it is I had so much fun reading this book Layla comes back home to California from NYC after her current relationship ends and she loses her job She s in her mid twenties and starting fresh again She s ready for a new job and a new start, and her father is ready for her to find a husband He sets up an on line dating profile for her and picks 10 guys for her to meet Sam is renting the office above Layla s family s restaurant, and Layla is also planning on using the space to start her new business These two are not a good match, and couldn t be different, but with time, they start to grow on each other Sam even insists on coming on Layla s blind dates These were some of my favorite scenes of the book It also says here that you re a good girl His voice dropped to a sensual purr and he leaned toward her Are you a good girl, Layla You seem very bad to me If you need a husband who can keep you in line, you ll have to up your game Sam and Layla s banter was so much fun I loved watching them go on the dates together Layla was independent and fiery and I loved her character Sam was great for most of the book I also adored so many of the side characters Layla s dad was my absolute favorite I also loved Sam s sister, friend John, and Layla s cousin, Daisy.Honestly, I loved the first 75% of this book so much I had such a huge smile on my face and the banter and storytelling was fantastic The last 25% though there were some parts I didn t love The very end was great, but getting there was rough for me Overall, this was good for me and I will definitely be reading from this author in the future If you re looking for a sweet and fun rom com that s a good time, pick up The Marriage Game Quirky, crazy, and sexy too I love the premise of the story which was one of the reasons why I chose to review it.One of the cool things about this story is that we get a lot of East Indian culture The descriptions and detail of foods, clothing, and mannerisms is quite complex You can almost smell the cooking as you re reading.Because of that detail of cultural influence we also get a high number of characters in the story that can sometimes be tough to keep up with Plus, we have a high strung main character who s mannerisms and characteristics in the story was a bit much for me.This book was a reminiscent of a young adult story where there is tons of bantering and excessive chaos At one point, it was a bit much for me and I had to take a break.The story itself is high energy, quirky and fun to read There s some very humorous parts and the author does a beautiful job keeping the flow of the story moving forward at a nice pace.I love the connection between Sam and Layla but the constant conversation and constant bantering got to me, especially during some heated moments.The Marriage Game is fun and delightful story that will be hard to top Quirky, crazy, and sexy too It s a cultural experience with a happily ever after you can hardly wait to get to copy received for review considerationFull Review There s nothing I hate than not liking a book that I had so badly wanted to love.RTC I received an advanced copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own What an absolutely delightful debut from Sara Desai The premise of a dark n twisty corporate downsizing consultant and a hopelessly romantic HR recruiter battling for office space and each other s affections could warm even the most late stage of capitalist hearts.Unsurprising to literally anyone who s put themselves through the torture of reading one of my romance novel reviews, I loved this book in large part because of the well done enemies to lovers trope The fight for the office space was actually pretty inconsequential a lot of the time, but it didn t even really matter to me because of how strong the rest of the storytelling was.And for those of you who look for a lil between the sheets action in your romance reading Dr Mark Sloan had better move aside, because this book is McSteamy AF. Oh I just loved this The beautiful intimacy of Indian culture, food, familyand tradition delightfully complimented with finding a partner through classic arranged marriage ideals with a twist .Totally appealing to Any rom com reader, this love story shows how we re all same, skin deep Galley borrowed from the publisher. 3.5 5I was really enjoying this one until about the last 75% of the book I wasn t a big fan of the conflict and how it was handled There was also usage of some ableist language in the book.Full review to come I loved this book so much The banter, the food, the family, the friends, and mostly Sam Until near the end of the book, he was the perfect book boyfriend After mentally slapping him in my head, I still love him Layla is smart, funny, compassionate, and I just loved her so much too This was simply a great book with awesome characters, and a story that was so well done, I need books from this author now

Oh say hello to my new favorite south asian american lead, own voices story

Honestly this such a breath of fresh air, seeing my culture, language, food featured in a really well written romance.

Meet Layla Patel, our main character, she is fiesty, and proudly brown With a huge extended family of aunties and uncles and cousins all hailing in their roots from Pakistan to India.

Her life is falling apart, and she is returning home to her family in San Francisco To just patch her life and have a fresh start And open a new business for her recruiting job.Meet Sam Mehta, CEO of a corporate downsizing company, In search of a quiet new office, he finds the perfect space above a cozy Indian restaurant that smells like home And that s where things get conflicting because lost in communication Layla s dad has offered the place to both her and Sam to run their office And as they are forced to share the office space arguments happens, things literally xD and sparks both fly in between them Also along with all this drama there is a woven mix of Layla finding his father s email account her finding out he evaluated the guys and chose 10 special candidates and 10 blind dates for her daughter And due to her constant bad history of relationships, she decides to honour him, because who can think the best for her than her dad Ah this story is so close to my heart, i mean all the talk about marriage, arranged marriage and how the institution works in south asian families From abusive marriages, to dowry to marrying for a green card, to marrying so than they can find someone to cook, clean their house , take care of their parents, to wanting a virgin wife, tbh it in its humorous way discussed it all It handled such a sensitive topic so well Like it delivered the impact, but also had a light tone woven on how it was narrated I MEAN SO BRILLIANT Some of the candidates were really hilarious, one was literally a CIA agent eowdjfnkuwckjfdjf like all he did was tell her its Classified about every question she asked it was hilarious OH THEE BROWN NESS OF THIS BOOKS ALL THE UNCLE AUNTIES, CHACHIES THE WHOLE EXTENDED FAMILY WITH EVERYONE HAVING SUCH QUIRKY PERSONALITIES THE FOOD OMG THE DAAL, SAMOSAS, DOSAS, AND CHAI AND GULAB JAMAN HELLO HUNGER GAMES this book although a romance, has so wonderfully handled dark side of arranged marriages in south asian culture It discusses the bads, but also the goods, juxtaposing the two sides of the same coins it talks about self worth issues, its talk about forgiving and moving on its uplifting and moving it tells you yes you can do better yes you can move on from dark past of you lives and carry on Please please do give it a read, so if you are south asian One of MY FAVORITES Thankyou so much for prh international and net galley for the arc.My Blog Instagram Twitter __________________________________________________Oh my word this was an absolute epic ly hilarious one 10 10 brown to it s core Relateable Filled with delicious South Asian food you will be hungryyyyyyyyyy A huge cast of Pakistani and Indian American characters It was bonkers in a good refreshing way. Review coming soon

[Epub] The Marriage Game By Sara Desai –
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  • The Marriage Game
  • Sara Desai
  • English
  • 13 April 2019
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