Goddess in the Machine

Goddess in the MachineWhen Andra Wakes Up, She S DrowningNot Only That, But She S In A Hot, Dirty Cave, It S The Year , And Everyone Keeps Calling Her Goddess When Andra Went Into A Cryonic Sleep For A Trip Across The Galaxy, She Expected To Wake Up In A Hundred Years, Not A Thousand Worst Of All, The Rest Of The Colonists Including Her Family And Friends Are Dead They Died Centuries Ago, And For Some Reason, Their Descendants Think Andra S A Deity She Knows She S Nothing Special, But She Ll Play Along If It Means She Can Figure Out Why She Was Left In Stasis And How To Get Back To EarthZhade, The Exiled Bastard Prince Of Eerensed, Has Other Plans Four Years Ago, The Sleeping Goddess S Glass Coffin Disappeared From The Palace, And Zhade Devoted Himself To Finding It Now He S Hoping The Goddess Will Be The Key To Taking His Rightful Place On The Throne If He Can Get Her To Play Her Part, That Is Because If His People Realize She Doesn T Actually Have The Power To Save Their Dying Planet, They Ll Kill Her With A Vicious Monarch On The Throne And A City Tearing Apart At The Seams, Zhade And Andra Might Never Be Able To Unlock The Mystery Of Her Fate, Let Alone Find A Way To Unseat The King, Especially Since Zhade Hasn T Exactly Been Forthcoming With Andra And A Thousand Years From Home, Is There Any Way Of Knowing That Earth Is Better Than The Planet She S Woken To This book is glorious And Lora Beth is a genius I don t say that lightly the language of this future world has been stunningly, carefully, painstakingly crafted and is a feast for pretty much anyone who s into words Which I m guessing is you, since you re on Goodreads But there s so much than linguistics There s banter So much delicious banter And intrigue and dresses and knives and nanotech and a cocky prince who s most certainly up to no good There s cryotech, and the heat of a rocky desert city, and secrets and lies and action I love it It s brilliant And I hope you love it, too. So nice of Chrissy Teigen to pose for this cover THE COVER AMAZEBALLSTHE BLURB AMAZEBALLSThis kinda reminds me of Diabolic AND I M HERE FOR ALL OF IT um, honest to god, I really only added this because the title is so close to Ghost in the Shell Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram The Book Depository I absolutely loved this book Just like the main character, I had trouble understanding the people she meets dialect at first but slowly became used to it until I was not always even aware they were using different words then I am used to, but this helped to makethe main character even relatable Read the book in a single sitting as it just pulled me in and even when it ended left me wishing there was , really looking forward to books in the series.Received a copy from goodreads giveaway. I m always in need for some good sci fi in my life, so let s hope this fits the bill Full review Her life became a story, with meaning Meaning that didn t belong to her She didn t belong to herself She belonged to humanity Overall, Goddess was fun, original, and truly interesting The futuristic tech was cool and it was unique to have a futuristic language to go with it Andra was the perfect main character relatable, emotional, and just a little too trusting With a bit of a slow start, the story soon pays off with plenty of mysteries, flashbacks, and betrayals to satisfy any YA fan Rating four Bronze Thirds fiveFor Fans Of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo There s so much to love about this book We get a realistic fat main character who isn t absolutely obsessed with being in spite of , we get really awesome technology that doesn t work perfectly, we get linguistic evolution honestly, I totally nerded out about how COOL it was to see even the barest attempt at evolved language that was entirely consistent throughout the text.That being said, it was still YA, so it was very much built on the same structure as most YA fantasy but this one has technology instead of magic chosen one, awkward insecure main character, snarky and mostly supremely capable male love interest who knows a lot than he lets on, the evil king court But as the book went on, it started to surprise me and with clever little twists on the familiar YA tropes.This doesn t come out until June, but honestly, this is going to be one to keep an eye out for And if there s a sequel which I think is likely, based on the ending you bet I ll be reading that one too THIS BOOK IS AMAZING I was hooked from page 1 A compelling sci fi with fantasy prose and two main characters that you will fall in love with Andra is so relatable and Zhade is a sass machine AND IT HAS A BRILLIANTLY CRAFTED FUTURISTIC DIALECT You read that correctly I thought I would be lost trying to read a dialect that doesn t exist but I was amazed at how my brain adapted so quickly and how it makes so much sense when you think about how language transforms over centuries Anyway, lovable characters, thrilling plot, thoughtful worldbuilding down to the literal letter I already can t wait for the sequel Decide your fate Read this book.

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  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Goddess in the Machine
  • Lora Beth Johnson
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9781984835925