Green Lantern: Passing the Torch

Green Lantern: Passing the TorchKyle Rayner Has Seen Enough Prejudice And Violence On Earth To Last Him A Lifetime He And His Girlfriend Jade Decide To Roam The Stars, Fulfilling His Duties As A Green Lantern Along The Way They Encounter Several Worlds In Trouble But Who S Watching Earth John Stewart Once Again Wields A Power Ring But He S Filled With Doubt And Turns To Alan Scott, The Golden Age Green Lantern, For Some Advice.Collecting GREEN LANTERN 156, 158 161 And GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2. Winick continues to make me fall in love with Kyle Ranyer This collection features GL 156 and 158 161 No explanation is given for the omission of GL 157.In this chapter of Kyle Rayner s life he s left Earth because he s lost hope in humanity due to a recent beating of a friend During this self imposed exile, John Stewart is left to fill the green boots back in sector 2814.Strengths Judd Winick s dialogue, especially between GL and Jade Winick writes dialogue within a couple in a highly believable way that demonstrates nuances in their characterization Also, Winick helped reshape the GL universe bit by bit in this volume re introducing the Living Planet Mogo, Bring the Zamerons back to OZ, and giving John Stewart his legs back.Dale Ealesham s art is also clean and mostly consistent My only quaff is that he and or the DC editor s evidently forgot that GL s hand is broken on p.107 Even if it was healed upon Ganthet s return on p.110, what about those 3 pages in between Also, the extra content about the power rings, the three page timeline, and the family tree were cool Maybe even the bes
Judd Winick uses the history of Green Lantern to generate this volume of the Kyle Rayner era Having left Earth to reconsider his role as its protector, Kyle is helping rebuild Oa with the help of fellow GL and girlfriend Jade Their space sojourn leads them to rediscover a long lost Lantern, raise the reborn Guardians alongside Ganthet, and tackle the possibility of parenthood A brief check in with original Lantern Alan Scott and current GL John Stewart help provide a look at the legacy of the Lanterns across the DC Universe Despite some fun couple moments with Kyle and Jade, the book feels uneven most likely due to editorial trying to decide of John, Kyle, or Hal would be returning to the main book as its sole ring slinger This indecisiveness hurts the curr
Judd Winick s whole run gets four stars, but the series does end less dramatically and with less fanfair than I would have liked I really enjoyed reading about Kyle Rayner s adventures, and he has a decent supporting cas
What Judd Winick has always excelled at has been interpersonal stories Here, the strongest portions are not the super powers and alien battles Conversations between John, Alan, Kyle, Terry, Jen, and even Ganthet are fantastic The drawback is
Again the cover fooled me I was expecting to see pivotal points where the ring was passed on from one incarnation to another Instead there was a series of stories about Kyle Rayner that really weren t that interesting The history and family tree in the beginning were the best part. Interesting I liked the in depth look a Kyle. Enjoyed it Good character moments, just funny spacey adventures Good stuff.

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  • Green Lantern: Passing the Torch
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  • 17 October 2018
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