Learning to Dance

Learning to DanceMy Theme Is The Dance The Dance Of Life The Dance Of The Cosmos, Of The Natural World And The Tiniest Particles Of Matter The Dance Of Music And Paint And Words The Dance Of Those Cruel Times Which Feels Like Dancing In The Dark The Dance Of Relationships, Of Forgiveness, Friendship And Love The Dance Of Faith And Finally, That Hidden Dance That Some Call Heaven Few Writers Have Explored The Borderland Between Faith And Contemporary Living Eloquently And Engagingly In Recent Years Than Michael Mayne In Learning To Dance He Creates A Magical Weave Of Poetry, Science And Spirituality, Touching On The Longings, Doubts And Hopes Of All Of Us An Enchanted And Enchanting Book Michael Mayne Has Brought Us Through A Dance Of Treasures Of Nature And A Fascinating Store Of Literature, From The Mystery Of The Galaxies To The Intricacies Of The Snowflake From The Foreword By Dame Cecily Saunders A book which is a balm to the soul Michael Mayne explores the interface between faith, spirituality, Christian beliefs and modern life through the theme of life s dance, which unties the ages and gives us a glimpse of eternity He uses the months of the year, the changing seasons and traditional book of hours occupations to structure each chapter s genesis, and he intersperses his dialogue with the reader around many quotes from authors, spiritual leaders, religious works and indeed ordinary people He covers so many themes and questions about faith that it would be impossible to list them all I particularly enjoyed his discussion of his own life and vocation, his engagement with evolution and quantum physics, his themes of letting go and dying a good death, the depiction of God as an artist, and his chapters about darkness and the problem of evil where Mayne extrapolates the crucifixion as less of an answer from God, rather as God eternally entering into this human question Dame Cicely Saunders summarises this book as enchanted and enchanting on the back cover, which describes it perfectly Mayne s eloquent and elegant exploration of his chosen themes lulls the reader
I am not a religious person, Michael Mayne is extremely positive about his belief in God.So we begin from polar opposite positions.Michael did not persuade me to change my views I don t know if that was his intent.What he did do was to talk to me about spirituality in ways that were understandable, enjoyable and which helped me with my own enquiries.He named lots of artists, especially writers who I followed up on, for that alone I have to thank him.My
I am not sure this would be a 5 star book for everyone but for me for now it most definitely was This book is about the 12 seasons of the year or rather of life It uses the theme of dancing and the ideas in the traditional Book of Hours to frame life It is written fro
I surprised myself with this one. This is a great book for reminding you of the beauty of God s creation and the passing seasons in the world around us and life itself An inspiring book with great quotes from literary greats too.

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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Learning to Dance
  • Michael Mayne
  • English
  • 12 February 2018
  • 9780232524345