The Magic Daughter A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder

The Magic Daughter A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder[Ebook] ➠ The Magic Daughter A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder By Jayne Anne Phillips – In this extraordinarily distinctive exuisitely crafted memoir one that began as a suicide note Jane Phillips a woman with disassociative identity disorder writes about the intimate details of her life In Daughter A Memoir of PDF/EPUB ² this extraordinarily distinctive exuisitely crafted Daughter A Epub â memoir one that began as a suicide note Jane Phillips a woman with disassociative identity disorder writes about the intimate details of her life The Magic Daughter is The Magic Kindle - a harrowing moving inspiring and ultimately triumphant account of a woman's journey toward wholeness. 25 stars Interesting parts but felt like author held back a lot for some reason Plus it was hard for me to finish after going along smooth for uite a while Due back to the library anyway so I did read it in one nightly sitting As a mental health professional I enjoy reading biographies that focus on mental illness However so much has changed in the treatment of MPDDID since this book was written in 1995 I am an advocate for medication in cases of severe mental illness and it surprised me that Jane took nothing than Xanax for her anxiety A lot of her symptoms appear to be associated with Schizoaffective Disorder in that she had aspects of Bipolar Disorder and auditory hallucinations on a regular basis When she blacked out and went on excursions would constitute the diagnosis of DID due to inability to recall events This is a very controversal area in treatment because so many of the symptoms mimic those of Schizophrenia I enjoyed the book overall It would be interesting to know where she is in treatment now with her integration and if her diagnosis has changed I wish the author much luck and blessings in her endeavor to heal I really really liked this book Jane Phillips and yes on my copy of the book it's spelled Jane minus the Y that Goodreads has stuck in is very articulate very likable and overall is very enjoyable to get to know through her memoir I think this book also resonated with me since Jane is a college professorIt's so interesting to me to see the differences in what caused DID to develop for the people in the various memoirs that I've been reading In Cameron West's First Person Plural he developed DID due to childhood sexual abuse CSA Although Jane also developed DID due to CSA there were other factors for her She was expected to be perfect to be the daughter that her mother had always wanted to live the childhood that her mother did not get to live Her own needs and wants were overlooked and she got what her mother wanted when her mother was a child Very odd very dysfunctionalThere was also a passage in here that I can really really relate to The concept that what I thought mattered that my opinion counted was stunning I had all the self esteem problems any abused child does and I had always looked not to my self but to the people around me for reward or rebuke Period But Mrs White worked hard with me teaching me to evaluate my performance showing horses It would be a long time possibly not until graduate school before I would realize the value of my own efforts in any field and feel pleased with myself when I believed I had done wellDefinite recommend for anyone interested in learning about DID The events in the book took place in the 90's so the psychology is a little outdated compared to what we have now Although in all fairness we still have little in the way of what is now known as Disassociative Identity Disorder I fell in love with Jane cried when she described the horrific events that caused her to create her alters respected the decisions she made in order to survive another day inside her mind and came to better understand what Dissasociating from situations is An emotional read but completely worth it for those who want a look into the daily life of someone with this very uncommon ailment It was an interesting read The book focuses on her healing process and not on the gory details of her abuse I would recommend it to people who are interested in the disorder but are not ready for books like Sybil I read the book The Magic Daughter by Jane Phillips for my non fiction assignment in my English class The book was a very interesting read and put a whole new spin on the way that I saw the world The Magic Daughter is about a woman which happens to be Jane Phillips who has been battling a mental disorder called Multiple Personality Disorder otherwise known as MPD MPD is a severe condition in which two or distinct identities or personality states are present in and alternately take control of an individual Jane Phillips experiences memory loss that is extreme to be explained by a normal forgetfulness which is very normal for this disorder This book originally was written as a suicide note until Phillips started making her path towards recovering I was very interested in this book because it was unlike anything that I have ever heard of The author described her disorder so vividly that I felt as if one of my closest friends had MPD I could barely put down the book though it was a bit slower towards the start while you were trying to get to know the disorder But once you knew all the facts about her the past and her way of life it felt as if I were to be living in the book I thought that the beginning was the most intriguing because it informed you of everything you needed to know and told about what brought her to the point of wanting to get help and I thought that was very inspirational Jane Phillips made sure that the audience reading her book would understand what she was talking about through the book and didn’t put a lot of medical terms in it It was very simple to understand what was going on and follow through all of Phillip’s visits to the psychologist This book opened my eyes to what could really be going through one’s head with a mental disorder The part of the book where she doesn’t want to tell her fellow professors what is really going on with her because she is afraid they may think of her to be psychotic really opens your eyes that these people aren’t “psycho” they are normal people that need a little bit of a push to get help The Magic Daughter is an excellent memoir of Multiple Personality Disorder I found it very fascinating One the most well written and easy to follow autobiographies of someone who suffers from MPDDID Unlike other books in this psychology genre such as 'When Rabbit Howls' this book is not loaded with graphic scenes of violence and history of the abuse The abuse is related delicately and is always relevant It is not a shock and awe look what happened to me book this book is about recovery and putting the pieces of a life together This book truly reinforces that DID is a coping mechanism not a psychological horror fest and that the journey of making sense out of it and making a life from the disaster of the past is achievable with some hope and an intelligent thoughtful kind and not driven to destruction heart I really enjoyed this book I remember my family went on a little vacation during the time that I was reading this book I think there's a photo of us out at dinner and there I am at the table reading We ate out on the restaurant's patio and after bending over reading for all of dinner I had uite the sunburn on my back But this book is an excellent memoir of Multiple Personality Disorder MPD; I found it very interesting I bought this book at a Goodwill in Portland a few hours before boarding the train home It ended up being surprisingly good and uite impressionable It took me a while to read because of its intensity I could only take so much But it was very very good This book I found was very interesting As a peer who is recovering from my own depression and low self esteem I now understand multiple personalities and how one goes through the disorder I thought Jane was sane despite everything her family put her through Great book

The Magic Daughter A Memoir of Living with Multiple
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Magic Daughter A Memoir of Living with Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Jayne Anne Phillips
  • English
  • 19 January 2016
  • 9780140244557