Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life

Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life ✎ Author Alexandra Stoddard – From Alexandra Stoddard beloved lifestyle philosopher mother and author of Choosing Happiness a small book of wisdom about the big uestions of life perfect for new graduates new mothers and as a trea Want My Kindle Ò From Alexandra Stoddard beloved lifestyle philosopher mother and author of Choosing Happiness a small book of wisdom about the big uestions of life perfect for new graduates new mothers and as a treasured gift from woman to womanAlexandra Stoddard a mother grandmother and author of than books on personal fulfilment shares a series of succinctly–stated principles I Want My Daughters to eBook ´ worth living by Each statement is fleshed out in a few brief useful paragraphs By turns wise Pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice controversial Don't feel guilty about your feelings toward your parents stepparents or in–laws affirming You don't have to Things I PDF/EPUB ² prove anything to anyone and humorous When you discover something you love stock up these short pieces cut to the essence of what's important and are oases of clarity amid life's chaos . Okay My mom got this for me she found it at Anthropologie and couldn't resist I have become increasingly sappy with each passing year crying at NZ Post ads so I really appreciate the sentiment My mom is basically the greatest mother ever and also one of my best friends so I had to read it Right?Summary1 I don't know why this book was printed in green and blue but it is totally unnecessary and as far as I can tell unrelated to anything except perhaps Stoddard's apparently awesome interior design skills for children's rooms2 She actually makes some great points in many of the chapteressay headings finding work you love thinking positively embracing change and learning to do your best without worrying about the details over which you have no control There are of course some exceptions My personal head shaking favorites are Travel Heavy Learn to Style Your Own Hair as a metaphor it would be effective if she didn't mention her own difficulty in abiding by this maxim The Five Hour Rule Be More A Generalist Than a Specialist and Have Your Own Independent Financial Adviser There are also some contradictions She doesn't want to be weighed down by technology or emotions but insists on the right to accumulate collections of physical items that please her in some way and haul masses of clothing around the world whilst jet setting Way to love yourself than the planet It's true that this book is aimed at her daughters rather than grandchildren3 The main thing is that I could not get through a single essay without wanting to punch this woman in the face I'm sure she's a nice person but spewing watered down Eastern thought mixed with selective areas of Western consumerism does not a contemporary philosopher make It is entirely possible to get your point across without being sanctimonious or discussing details of your private and very privileged life Remember that by being self centered you may also not be benefiting the worldI'm sure this is a very rewarding and inspiring read for the right person but I'm obviously not the target audience I love my mom and am sure that she only skimmed this before sending it my way I'm also thankful that she is nothing like Alexandra Stoddard My mom bought me this book for my 18th birthday so I really wanted to like it It was supposed to be something to help me into the world of adulthood UnfortunatelyAndrea Stoddard rambles on for the entire book about things that for the most part sound silly and unimportant I know that this is not the kind of book my mother intended to give me There are things in the book that I completely disagree with such as the Five Hour Rule which says that you should never stay in someone's company for than five hours and that you should never have anyone stay at your house or ever stay at anyone else's house As though we all have tons of money to spare and can stay at hotels any time we like And as for me I enjoy spending a few days at a time with friends and family Anyway that aside the author drifts completely off topic under almost every single subject It was like she couldn't think of anything else to say about it but thought that she hadn't written enough so she just started throwing out sentences that sounded semi inspirational There were times that she even included three different ideas or topics all in one paragraph It was very hard to follow Combine all of those things with little uips about the author's personal experiences that most of the time seemed inconseuential and even unrelated to the topic completely and the result is a book that I will never pick up again and never EVER recommend to anyone Glanced through this short book at a used goods store and decided it was worth a couple of bucks used It is one of those self help positive living books probably for women written by a woman It has I think 55 little sayings and a one or two page discussion on each I liked a lot of the sayings they were things I have said to my daughter or others at times The essays vary a lot Most are not great writing but they are straightforward and useful things in many cases Some of the useful sayings include Find work you love that supports you financially; Its easier to get into things than to get out of them; Don't feel guilty about your feelings toward your Parents stepparents inlaws etc; and Don't save the best for lastIts a fast read and catches a number of things that are worth remembering even if you already know themI don't agree with everything she says and I don't think all of her uotes actually fit the chapters she puts them in but overall the book has good advice I HATED THIS BOOK Okay I didn't finish it so maybe the good part is in the last 23? I think the chapter titles are nice They are profound statements If they were all the book contains then I'd rate it four stars But the incessant blah blah blah ing of creating a life of beauty and meaning made me want to puke Don't get me wrong I'd love a beautiful life but this lady just seemed a little out of touch with me and my life I want to be generous with my time and resources be true to myself and to the Gospel and laugh along the way I don't care so much about opening gifts slowly and savoring every ribbon Maybe you relate to her? If so that's awesome I hope you love this book I was excited; I have three daughters so I looked forward to a book containing all the wisdom I should hope to impart Suffice it to say I'll keep looking The ideas proposed by this books are all very nice and thought provoking But the description associated with each idea or I should say chapter was too lengthy and really winding Each idea can be translated into today's woman or girl's life but you have to think it from your angle and how it applies to you and what you would do with that idea I have a feeling I will read this again again as my daughter grows up This is an easy read with perfect reminders of important steps for happiness and full life It would be a wonderful gift to give a young person starting out in life It's a lovely book A Reasonable Mature Voice Great Gift BookI picked up this book because of the title I have daughters There are 'things' I want them to know Upon reading the Foreword I grew a little nervous The tone seemed rather patronizing and I felt like I was about to get a lesson in what a rotten mother I am The author writes No mother can have a relationship with her children without some heartaches and significant differences of opinion With my own daughters I embrace our differences as well as the things we share in common Well yes that WOULD be the idealWhat follows beyond the Forword where the author or less introduces her ualifications for writing a book filed with advice is just that Lots of useful advice for getting through life The conversational and rational writing style immediately allowed me to GET OVER MYSELF and just enjoy the various topics I found it hard to disagree with anything she wrote Everything is based on the author's experience and much of it is universal The suggestions It's Easier to Get into Things Than It Is to Get Out of Them or In Really Tough Times Regularly Take Time Off for example are pearls of wisdom for mothers to not only pass onto their daughters but also to remind themselves of every now and againThis is a well written collection with a mature and rational sensitivity It's an excellent gift book for our daughters and our friends who have daughters and of course for mothers too I recommend itWhen you've made your point sit down reads the last entry So I will There were chapters in this book that I absolutely loved and found extremely insightful There were others that I found hollow and misguided Overall I liked Stoddard's approach and thought she had uite a bit of wisdom to share My favorite of the fifty five chapters include You Don't Have to Prove anything to Anyone; Be Grateful but Don't Expect Gratitude; Pain is Inevitable Suffering is a Choice; Give Anonymously; Don't Be on Time Be Early; Listen to the Wisdom of Your Children; Don't Assume Anything; Have Your Own Mad Money; Exercise the Vocabulary of Thanks and Appreciation; Don't Feel Guilty ; Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body; Do Your Best Leave the Rest; Living Takes Time; Hurry Never; You Are Smarter and Wiser Than You Think; and Finish Up Strong Ugh Don't bother I don't really want to seek life advice from a woman who says you shouldn't let in laws stay at your house or visit for than 5 hours at a stretch As a mother to daughters I was intrigued about what a mature woman has learned during her lifetime and wants to make sure she passes on her wisdom to her daughter but this book didn't do it for me The good stuff is all common sense and the bad stuff maybe she has loopy in laws and should write a book on how to get along with them but I don't want to be constrained by her bad family relationships

Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book About the
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  • Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book About the Big Issues in Life
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