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I picked up this book from Smashwords and I am glad I did.At first I thought it would be very cliche and of the same, but I was wrong.It did go a little too fast in the beginning, but after setting the background and you understood what was going on, it was a very nice read.Catherine and Julian were a very nice couple and I really enjoyed how the author presented both their povs and we read their thoughts and emotions.The supporting c
I enjoyed reading an author new to me but several things irked me A human girl is kidnapped by monsters and just shruggoes with it Throughout the book all keep mentioning the EVIL REALLY EVIL baddie that will come back or have to be fought for b
Her arms wrapped around his neck,instead.He growled into her mouth and pressed her body against the wall with his.His handa were on her waist.She jumped up to wrap her legs around his hips.He plunged his tongue into her mouth,grinding his erection against he
I Loved this book The ending was fantastic its a must read And for only 99 on there is no reason not to buy this Couldn t put it down you fall in love with Julian and Catherine I highly recommend Not exactly what I imagined it would be but it was entertaining none the less I wish there had been detail at the end I would have liked to see Julian catching Catherine and his turning her But for what it is, it s a good quick read I like the ending, it surprised me. This author ROCKS