What's Wrong with the World

What's Wrong with the WorldWhats Wrong With The World By G.K Chesterton This Definite Ideal Is A Far Urgent And Practical Matter In Our Existing English Trouble Than Any Immediate Plans Or Proposals For The Present Chaos Is Due To A Sort Of General Oblivion Of All That Men Were Originally Aiming At No Man Demands What He Desires Each Man Demands What He Fancies He Can Get We Are Delighted To Publish This Classic Book As Part Of Our Extensive Classic Library Collection Many Of The Books In Our Collection Have Been Out Of Print For Decades, And Therefore Have Not Been Accessible To The General Public The Aim Of Our Publishing Program Is To Facilitate Rapid Access To This Vast Reservoir Of Literature, And Our View Is That This Is A Significant Literary Work, Which Deserves To Be Brought Back Into Print After Many Decades The Contents Of The Vast Majority Of Titles In The Classic Library Have Been Scanned From The Original Works To Ensure A High Quality Product, Each Title Has Been Meticulously Hand Curated By Our Staff Our Philosophy Has Been Guided By A Desire To Provide The Reader With A Book That Is As Close As Possible To Ownership Of The Original Work We Hope That You Will Enjoy This Wonderful Classic Work, And That For You It Becomes An Enriching Experience to begin everything with the weather is a sort of pagan way of beginning everything with prayer Location 746 on my Kindle That character from FRASIER springs to mind when I see G.K Chesterton Gil Leslie Chesterton, snooty restaurant critic at Frasier s radio station If that s what at
Oh Chesterton.You are pretty freaking clever guy, and I love how much you love the poor and think women are glorious generalists and men have sort of a rotten lot in life and that democracy can only take us so far and it is ok to drink and be dirty if that is what you want to do sometimes I would have come to some different conclusions about stuff like maybe everybody should be like ladies, not that ladies shouldn t vote , but basing your commentary on the idea that every person is unique and worthwhile and society should work for the good of the person and the family and the Home rather than the other way a
The mind that finds its way to wild places is the poet s but the mind that never finds its way back is the lunatic s G.K Chesterton, What s Wrong with the WorldWritten 107 years ago, Chesterton s What s Wrong with the World is dated on several topics, primarily regarding women But even if it wasn t dated, that wouldn t change the essentials of why I am always simultaneously thrilled and frustrated by G.K Chesterton I may not agree with what he says, but I always adore how he says it In that way he is like another English writer Christopher Hitchens I would read Hitchens and practically yell and the book in parts, but God how I loved the gift of Hitch s words Chesterton, if born 75 years later, may have had a sparing partner in Hitch They seem very similar in rhetorical boldness.Chesterton genius was and probably still is found in his playful use of paradox He, I believe, is the master of rhetorical paradox He doesn t just want to argue the point He wants to twist the argument, reframe the debate, make a tangle of both sides, and show the
This book provides near to irrefutable evidence that Chesterton was a prophet, a seer of the future The truth, however, is pedestrian that Chesterton could immediately recognize the foibles, follies, and lies that eventually poison and kill a culture So, in this work, Chesterton repeatedly startles and shocks us, for he reads as if he were commenting o
What is wrong with the world As James V Schall points out in his introduction to Chesterton s collection of essays, the popular Christian writer never hesitated to challenge something because it was popular or widely accepted Indeed, he suspected that a refusal to consider something as questionable because it was popular was itself a prejudice of the worst sort What s Wrong with the World is a collection of essays which can be read independently or as building on and supporting each other There is a certain amount of repetition and overlap There is also a great deal of humor and many memorable quotes At some point in time, I d like to go back and reread re listen to this book with highlighter and or pen in hand to make a list all the different things Chesterton identified as being wrong with the world A few examples would be 1 While we may agree about a social evil, we do not agree about the corresponding corrective good 2 We need theorists and less strictly practical men 3 Our prejudices are necessarily private and keep us from discussing social solutions in open and honest forums 4 We are in fact afraid of our past and therefore unable to learn from it 5 Revered social ideals from the past are endangered, especially marriage, the family and the home 6 Modern industri
G.K Chesterton is such an amusing and clever writer that I do believe he could convince me of almost anything Why, he nearly convinced me that women should never have bothered to obtain the right to vote I am such an obstinate person, and so inclined to disagree with arguments even before I am certain that I disagree with them, that I am completely in awe of the skill of any writer who can make me half agree with a position I do not, in fact, agree with I d say I tremble before the brilliance of Chesterton, but he s far too jovial and entertaining for anyone to ever tremble before him I particularly enjoyed what he had to say about modern education, and I was also entertained by his musings on the domestic sphere and the differences between men and women, as rife with stereotypes as they may have been Alas, stereotypes arise for a reason, and, despite what it is politically popular to say, that reason is seldom ignorance, but often experience Not long ago, I read Dr Laura s In Praise of Stay at home Moms, because I wanted to feel good about my current calling in life I didn t like the book because I wasn t so much interested in watching working moms get torn down as I was interested
I listened to the Librivox version of this book driving to and from work over the course of a week or so While the content is everything the other high raters say it is, the quality of the recordings were mixed with a couple chapters being almost unintelligible because of the accents of the reader I guess I can t complain too much since the price was right I ll proba
The wife is like the fire, or to put things in their proper proportion, the fire is like the wife Like the fire, the woman is expected to cook not to excel in cooking, but to cook to cook better than her husband who is earning the coke by lecturing on botany or breaking stones Like the fire, the woman is expected to tell tales to the children, not original and artistic tales, but tales better tales than would probably be told by a first class cook Like the fire, the woman is expected to illuminate and ventilate, not by the most startling revelations or the wildest winds of thought, but better than a man can do it after breaking stones or lecturing But she cannot be expected to endure anything like this universal duty if she is also to endure the direct cruelty of competitive or bureaucratic toil Woman must be a cook, but not a competitive cook a school mistress, but not a competitive schoolmistress a house decorator but not a competitive house decorator a dressmaker, but not a competitive dressmaker She should have not one trade but twenty hobbies she, unlike the man, may develop all her second bests This is what has been really aimed at from the first in what is called the seclusion, or even the oppression, of women Women were not kept at home in order to keep them narrow on the contrary, they were kept at home in orde
The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting It has been found difficult and left untried Be as holy as you can be but you can never really tread the same footsteps of Christ So, this quote from the book is the best for me If we can all be Christ like on each day of our lives, it will be utopia All Christians know that to be a follower of Christ is to know Him and live life according to His plans for each of us However, we always find ways to sin and so we go astray We try to stay on the right path, only to find ourselves sinning again It goes on and on until we die Have we tried Yes based on our own definition Our definition based on what the Holy Book and or our Catholic Tradition say Simply put, our conscience It s just that the times are changing and when we go back to the tradition that we used to interpret the Holy Bible, we find that somethings should be changed as they don t seem to apply to the current situations that we find ourselves in.My first time to read a book of Catholic essays by G K Chesterton 1874 1936 A former friend introduced me to his works I even gifted him two copies of his books I am not sure if he read those already S
Marvelous right up there with Christopher Lasch s, Haven in a Heartless World and Huxley s, Brave New World Obviously very different in many repects from those writers His insight into the structural connections between captialism and socialism the Yin and Yang of modernity is spot on Now if we could only get the message out to the mindless minions on Left and Right We ne

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