La ley del amor

La ley del amorThis Romantic, Innovative, And Wildly Comic New York Times Bestseller By The Author Of Like Water For Chocolate Tells A Cosmic Love Story, A Mexican Midsummer Night S Dream That Stretches From The Fall Of Montezuma S Mexico To The 23rd Century Includes Eight Sections Of Full Color Illustrations. This book was amazing Ms Esquivel did an amazing job of blending science fiction, humor, Buddhism, Catholicism into a beautiful story that quite simply is a call to mankind to come together in love This is a book that I must own so that I can re read it throughout my life Here are three of my favorite quotes from the book Most people are constantly forming opinionsThis creates an insurmountable barrier and we find ourselves dominated by intolerance As soon as we meet a person, we immediately set out our opinions before him to see how he reacts if he shares them, we accept him If not, we try to tear down his opinions in order to impose our own, convinced that the other person is bad because he thinks differently from us We become narrow minded inquisitors who in the name of truth put to death anybody whose ideas do not coincide with our own pgs 176 177 No social organization will ever be able to find the one road that s good for everybody, because Azucena s everyday problems like those of the rest of humanity are the result of errors that were left unresolved in the past Each case is uniquebut it s not by changing the social order that one s problems are resolved It s by changing ourselves When that happens, society is automatically modified pg 204 Teo commented that it was
This is now one of my top reads of all time my sister says its the Latina in me that loves magic realism, but it goes beyond that A masterful blend of time, space, and instruction on how to break personal and socially inherited karma Part graphic novel, musical score, and head trip It requires the reader surrender their imagination to a plot that is woven through a narrative that attempts to express a holistic way of viewing and communicating the past, present, and future as they exi
No, no, no Los dise os internos s lo traen im genes de una violaci n en la poca colonial Argentina Si Inentendible. Este libro fue una experiencia para los sentidos M sica, im genes y la narraci n de una latina maestra en realismo m gico Entonces, Por qu 3 estrellas y no 4 o 5 Pues, hay cosas que personalmente no me gustaron tanto, pero que se vieron compensadas por la experiencia sublime que se vive con la convergencia de Puccini, las vi etas y la imaginaci n de Laura Esquivel.En serio necesito recalcarlo fue extrasensorial el ver vi etas y escuchar la m sica y que ambas cosas se sobrepusieran de manera perfecta, al punto de hacerte ver las im genes pasar en movimiento ante tus ojos y sentir a mayor escala todo lo que se quer a traspasar Pero, digamos que a pesar de esto, la historia no me pudo convencer del todo Era como estar leyendo a Ray Bradbury por Cr nicas Marcianas y Douglas Adams por la gu a del autoestopista intergalactico , pero de una forma que empez muy bien, pero que fue decayendo a lo largo de la historia.Esta decadencia fue lo que me hizo no poder ponerle m s de 3 estrellas a este libro con tanto potencial, adem s desde un inicio me imaginaba algo totalmente diferente, por lo cual, ya ten a una idea preconcebida que no aporto positivamente a mi opini n sobre el libro Tampoco quiero dar a enteder que lo nico bueno fue experiencia de
A beautiful cover, an included CD, and pages and pages of pastel paintings couldn t make this a book worth reading It was truely awful I picked it up because I am a big fan of the magical realism often found in the South American literary tradition, but Esquivel just doesn t have it Me ha encantado este libro su ritmo e historia te atrapan con la justa medida de comedia, amor y aventura, con un toque de ciencia ficci n y reflexi n espiritual, haciendo que la energ a del universo siga fluyendo bajo la Ley del Amor La experi
After all the hype regarding Like Water for Chocolate, and in view of my deep interest in reincarnation in fiction, I had greatly anticipated this book It had a compelling start, in detailing the karmic events set into motion with Rodrigo and Citlala, but the switch to the futuristic setting, with all its fantastical and foreign new technologies and philosophies, was too much far, far too soon Problems I identified were poor, scanty characterization almost total lack of blocking description of setting and comprehensive, almost omnipresent telling instead of showing We are never allowed to draw our own conclusions about the characters from their actions and words Esquivel informs us, either through her narration or that of a guardian or demon, exactly what we are to think of everyone And both the preachiness and massive breadth of the metaphysical stuff was intrusive and annoying, giving the impression she s telling us what to believe, as well The ending is, as with so many novels nowadays, rushed and insu
I found this book several years ago in the hallway of my first apartment building in New York the one that also frequently had chicken bones littering the halls It had been discarded by my neighbor across the way she had put out many books over the time I lived there, mostly of a semi mystical, feminist bent for example, this is also where I found a copy of Women Who Run With the Wolves I was kind of fascinated by the neighbor, as she designed clothes and had a fabulously overstuffed living space and wrote things in the blank back matter pages of the books, like drawings of plans to redesign her apartment, and as in this book, a recipe for lemon bars I took one look at the cover of this book and was appalled by it, but upon reading the description was so intrigued by how insane it sounded I have kept the book for the last 6 years, through 3 subsequent apartments and therefore, several culls of my book collection I just finally read it, today It is batshit It is not as appalling as the cover art It was actually a really enjoyable book to read It is about the intricate laws of a society in which people are reincarnated through 14,000 lives and must right all the wrongs a
This book came with a CD to listen to as you read the book, a multimedia experience that was amazing The illustrations were interesting and added depth to the story It was one of the most unique reading experiences in my life and I wish there were like it I loved the CD and still listen to it, it has some great songs by Liliana Felipe, a Mexican folk singer as well as arias from Puccini I like most of Esquivel s writing, it can be spiritual and fun
Mythic tale of love across the ages told from perspectives of reincarnated characters in Mexico City in 2200, 1985, and 1521 Too preachy about the karma of past transgressions and the concept of soulmates for my taste Interesting music in a CD to be played on cue with the story and graphic art renderings of regression sequen

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